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Original VW rims and complete wheels

The Volkswagen strategy with original VW rims and complete wheels

As the name VW suggests, the Wolfsburg-based group originally had the objective of producing “Volkswagen” for everyone. If you take a closer look at today's models, you will see that VW is now pursuing a somewhat different intent. We from the original wheels team are of the opinion that VW has positioned itself very cleverly among the 3 German premium manufacturers Mercedes, BMW and Audi. This was certainly a very clever decision, because VW fills a gap with little competition. Competitors like Opel, Toyota or Ford build somewhat cheaper cars and are therefore unable to keep up with Volkswagen's technical level. At the same time, VW also maintains a distance of respect from the premium manufacturers. The group has also ensured that the group brands Seat and Skoda now build the real “Volkswagen” and that there is no gap below VW. A strategy that seems very conclusive and is crowned with success.

Buy VW alloy wheels and complete wheels

Timeless design with a dash of sportiness - that is what distinguishes the alloy wheels from OEM VW. In addition, the aluminum rims score with their low weight, which not only has a positive effect on fuel consumption, but also on the driving experience. Since the alloy wheels also reduce the total weight of the wheel and the unsprung mass of the brake system, vibrations and noise are also reduced. This also improves the driving characteristics of the Golf, Scirocco and Co.

Do you attach particular importance to economy and durability? Then the VW steel rims are the right choice for you. They are significantly more robust than alloy wheels, which is particularly evident in winter. Because split and salt quickly show their effect on the rather sensitive aluminum rims.

For you it means that you do not have to limit yourself to models on aluminum when looking for VW original rims or VW complete wheels. The steel rims from Volkswagen also have a presentable and, above all, timeless design, but here the focus is on functionality.

VW models overview

New and used original VW aluminum rims and complete wheels for the following series:

  1. VW Amarok: 2H
  2. VW Arteon: 3H
  3. VW Beetle: 16
  4. VW Bus: T5, T6
  5. VW EOS: 1F
  6. VW Golf: 5, 6, 7, GTI, R-Line, GTD, TCR, e-Golf, TGI, GTE
  7. VW Jetta: 16, VI
  8. VW Passat: 3C, CC
  9. VW Polo: 6R, 6C
  10. VW Scirocco: 13
  11. VW Sharan: 7N
  12. VW Tiguan: 5N, 5NA
  13. VW Touareg: 7P, CR
  14. VW Touran: 1T

VW original rims (OEM VW) and VW complete wheels - a bit more dynamic and sporty

Passat, Polo or Golf should take the right sporty direction when it comes to rims and show at a glance that temperament is in the wheels here? The VW R-Line makes it possible. Instead of performance-enhancing motorization, this is about the visual change towards more dynamism, sportiness and strength. R-Line like the Pretoria rims give the already very sporty VW models that certain something. The summer tires and winter tires with rims include available for the VW models Tiguan, Beetle, Golf Touareg, Passat and Touran.

The most popular original VW alloy wheel designs

For the VW Bus Multivan T5 T6 there are 5 following 18 inch rims: Toluca, Palmerston, Springfield, Canberra and of course the disc rims in white or silver. In the VW Golf models, the rim designs Brescia, Marseille, Sevilla and the Pretoria rims are ahead. The Canyon rims for the Golf 7 are new to us. The Talladega and Lakeville alloy rims on the VW Passat or Scirocco. Are you still looking for certain original VW alloy wheels? Then write to us!

On track in summer and winter

Our online shop of course not only offers you individual VW rims or wheel sets, but also complete wheels for summer and winter or as all-season tires. With Original-Fahrrad.de you are well prepared for any weather. We offer you the perfect combination of original VW rims and high-quality tires - a combination that ensures unlimited driving pleasure and, of course, also convinces in terms of quality.

Whether you choose Volkswagen summer complete wheels or winter complete wheels, whether aluminum or steel VW alloy wheels, whether for Golf GTI GTD or R-Line rims - when buying in our original VW wheel shop you can rely on tires, wheels and rims, the quality test under toughest conditions. Strength, material, surfaces, behavior in endurance testing - the VW products convince all along the line in all these points. So opt for the highest quality and safety. You can also buy your cheap VW complete bikes on account.

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Rims and vehicle do not match? The lack of accuracy of fit has a negative impact on the driving characteristics? These problems do not play a role for you with original VW summer rims or winter rims or complete wheels. Golf GTI rims, Passat rims or R-Line rims, complete wheels for Polo, Jetta or Touran - with the original from VW it just fits exactly. So you have a lot of VW alloy rims advantages and you can buy car tires with Volkswagen rims cheaply.

Our online shop offers you a variety of attractive new and used original rims for all Volkswagen models, complete wheels and accessories. In addition, we are of course always available if you have any questions about a product or general questions about rim compatibility.

Take a look in our VW rim catalog - there you will find used and new rims, winter complete wheels and summer complete wheels for your VW. The unique rim designs also make your heart beat faster. Betting? The summer tires and winter tires with rims are specially designed for your Volkswagen. This gives you optimal driving behavior and definitely more driving pleasure thanks to the tailor-made or coordinated wheel-tire combinations. You can now buy your original VW complete wheels and alloy wheels online here at the best prices and you even have a 100 day right of cancellation! So, now choose your desired VW rims, order them now and they will be with you in 2-3 days. Tell your friends about original bikes so that they, too, always reach their destination with the best quality. Thanks and have fun!

So, now just buy the original VW alloy wheels with summer or winter tires.